Friday, January 23, 2009

Practice One

This is a trial run for Windows to the Words. The selection is from the Moody Blues song "Lovely to See You". Images will be posted as received and the deadline is February 15.

Lovely to see you again, my friend

Walk along with me to the next bend

Tell us what you've seen, in faraway, forgotten lands,

Where empires have turned back to sand


  1. Very cool.... you might want to let others know too... hugs,

  2. Maybe make a caption on your other blog. Looking forward to see this develop.

  3. Question, I know I can do anything.. but am supposed to do a pic based on the picture of the girl or based on the little chapter. ?
    where do I go? # )

  4. Aha, Dominique...the picture of the little girl is a logo of sorts...tho I am painting her. But the photo and artwork selections will be based solely on the little literary piece (in this practice, the lines from the Moody Blues "Lovely to See You") Art submissions will be posted on the WTTW Art Blog and photo submissions on the WTTW Photo Blog.

  5. Duh, I did mess up...the exercise should have posted on the Home page...this page is only for submissions of artwork...I sowwy.

  6. James this sounds like fun! Being a realism painter, I am not so good at creating things in my head, but this will be a good "practice."

  7. Likewise, akiko, I paint realism from photos. I have mine started but I find it next to impossible to paint anything worthwhile from my imagination.