Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Practice One. Now to March 1

"Walk Along With Me"
Michelle Burnett

"Hello, My Little Friend"
Based on the MB song "Lovely to See You My Friend"
Sheila Tajima

This is based on Subject 3..The Mind of a Criminal (Lonely Cell)
James Parker

Based on Subject 3...Lonely Cell
Persian cats can't help it...they look mean. The lonely cell poem inspired an image of a Persian cat held captive in his pen. Maybe the owner is at work for the day. An open window, a curious sparrow. Maybe the sparrow is hungry because it's winter and food is scarce. Curiosity killed...the bird.

"My Dear Rainbow"
2.5 x 3.5 ACEO acrylic on multimedia board
Akiko Watanabe

20 x24 on canvas
"Around the Bend"
The paths we take, the choices we make,
We have to live with right or wrong
But one thing I know, if we continue to grow
in the ways of The Lord
At our life's end, we will see Him
around the Bend

Submissions will be posted as received

Friday, January 23, 2009

Practice One

This is a trial run for Windows to the Words. The selection is from the Moody Blues song "Lovely to See You". Images will be posted as received and the deadline is February 15.

Lovely to see you again, my friend

Walk along with me to the next bend

Tell us what you've seen, in faraway, forgotten lands,

Where empires have turned back to sand